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black binary cool watch

Are you bored of typical watches? They all just look the same. A cool watch has to stand out and make an statement. Most importantly, a cool watch makes you look good. We all love a good watch, but this site is dedicated to those of you who love time machines. Cool watches that take you to another time. is dedicated to those who love technology and innovation.

At first hadn't a cool watch doesn't appear to be a watch. It's a statement, it's yelling outm: I'm different. Behing the great design it's hidden a technical master piece and a very clever way to tell the time. Of course, the primary function of a wristwatch is to tell the time. Telling the time has never been so fun. Intrigue and challenge your friends with a cool watch. Most importantly, you'll stand out from the crowd.

Make a statement. Impress your friends. Get a cool watch.


Snake Watch

This unusual wristwatch features a multicolor LEDs - RED/BLUE. It has a futuristic Japanese style and a unique way of telling time. It comes with dark metal strap.

The Genome - Super cool

With a futuristic look, the genome is inspired as a japanese piece of art. 

Red, Yellow, Green LED's tell the time in an unique way.





Blue LED Digital Bracelet WristWatch 

A stylish bracalet wrist watch that comes on a cool blue color. This is a funky and very unique model. 

Black belt

This is an unique leather wrist band with a hidden LED matrix. Tap the single button on the side and the dot matrix comes to life. 



Complement your image with a wristwatch. Not any watch, but a cool watch from great designers that wish to go beyond and challenge the traditional view of a wristwatch. Telling the time is no longer about a long and short arm, we go beyond and seek innovative alternatives. With cool watches we challenge traditional thinking and revolutionise the way we tell the time.

There are two type of wristwatches that i just love. First are the binary watches and then the rotating watches.

Binary watches are out of the ordinary. They replace the common way of telling the time by something more sophisticated. While most common watches use a pair of arms, a long for the hours and a short for the minutes, binary watches use LEDs, one LED for the hours and another for the minutes. What is most amazing is that the time is given in a binary number. That is a combination of 0s and 1s. These little marvels help to exercise your mind as you master a new way keeping track of hours and minutes. There are some binary watches that makes it easier for you to read so you don't have to learn binary code.

There are also rotating watches. They spin round and around but in a rather different way. You must be thinking, well..all common watches rotate, what's cool about rotating watches? Well, first, rotating watches have no arms...while common wristwatches have two arms, rotating watches have two discs, one for the hours and another one for the minutes. Secondly the number for the hours and minutes are written in the rotating discs. As the discs rotate, time changes.

There are some cool watches here just because their great design. To the untrained eye they seem just like a bracelet, not any bracelet, a stylish and cool bracelet. But the surprise lies beyond, a wristwatch is hidden, woven into the bracelet. With the touch of a button it comes to life and the bracelet transforms itself into the coolest watch. Only the owner knows, and at the touch of a button surprises anyone who is looking.

This site is not about the traditional wristwatch makers such as Rolex or Casio among others. We go beyond and find the best and coolest watches just for you.

You'll be the envy of all your friends when you wear a cool watch.

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